Where does the MTB come from?

The first MTBs designed to travel on rough terrain appeared in the mid-1970s in the United States, in California. In fact, if you didn’t already know, MTB stands for Mountain Trials Bike.

Cycling is a widespread activity in the world, but some countries are real examples. The Netherlands and Denmark regularly exchange first place in the ranking of the countries that move more by bike.

It’s Italy?

Well, Italy is only at the seventeenth position … why? Simply because of a wrong image of cycling and, above all, of MTB.

Matteo, citizen and pedestrian, gives us his opinion:

“We often have the impression that cycling is too physical a task. Obviously the MTB is more fun and allows you to go further in the discoveries, but it also requires more effort and energy than a racing bike or a trekking bike “

But it is very nice to travel by bike, daily or occasionally, even on MTB!

Especially in MTB, there is always an activity suited to your needs and tastes. From family walks to sports excursions, passing through the extremely intensive Cross Country or All Mountain discipline, there is something for everyone .

Don’t you like the rules? Perfect! Unlike team sports, such as basketball, MTB in its spare time is absolutely not subject to rules (obviously with the exception of traffic rules when traveling on roads open to traffic).


Question 1 : You are riding on your path and another cyclist, faster than you, wants to overcome you. What are you doing?

Answer A : You move to the right to let it pass and (optional) greet it.

Resolve B : You prevent him from exceeding you and you throw a stick in the rear wheel if he somehow manages to pass you.

Question 2 : See another cyclist in difficulty …

Answer A : You join him to help him.

Resumption B : You ignore it and continue on your way as if nothing had happened.

Did you answer A to the two questions? Then you already know the basics of cycling.

The strict rules start when you enter the world of competition.

So, waiting: take advantage of it! MTB rhymes with freedom.

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