10 Ideas For Your Best Friend Birthday’s Gift This Year

Friends are family you choose yourself. Your best friend is someone you go through highs and lows with. They choose to stick with you through thick and thin and endure through everything with you. Which is why you know they are amazing human beings and deserve the best. So this year when you’re thinking of a gift for your best friend, here are 10 things you can get them that’s guaranteed to make their day and make them feel special!

Care Package

A Basket comprising of all their favorite things can be a really good idea for their birthday and is definitely guaranteed to make them smile. You can add a mug, scented candles, body and skin-care products, potpourri, coffee beans and etc.

Spa Retreat

You know your best friend works hard and is too busy to treat herself properly. Which is why it would be a good idea to treat her with a spa retreat that will help her relax and provide an opportunity for both of you to spend quality time together!

Polaroid Camera

If your best friend is into photography and is a fan of collecting photos as memorabilia then it’s a great idea to gift them a polaroid camera. It comes with the advantage of you having your own personal photographer since you’ll be the model for your best friend!

Getaway Weekend

The biggest gift you can give to someone is the gift of your time. Planning a weekend getaway with your best friend is sure to win you the friend-of-the-year award!

Picture Frames

Go down memory lane with them and compile all the amazing moments you’ve shared together throughout the years. It’s a guaranteed bonding experience!

Matching T-shirts

Have matching t-shirts printed and become squad goals for your next night out that’ll portray you as the dynamic duo that you really are! Check out t shirt printing Dandenong for creative ideas.

Bath Set

You can never go wrong with gifting your best friend a bath set for her to relax with after a long day of grinding. Imagine having a relaxing, warm bath waiting for you with a book to read and candles to accompany!

Food Basket

Have an assortment of their favorite munchies and snacks that are especially difficult to find otherwise, and treat their inner foodie!

Music Instrument

Gift them an instrument they’ve been meaning and wanting to learn but never got around to it. Give them the push they need and help them acquire another skill set!

DIY Personalized Jar of Notes

This is an easy one, make a DIY jar of notes for your friend and include all personal jokes and incidents for them to read on days when they’re down. Make them feel special on their big day and remind them why they’re so amazing!

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