The Importance of Promotional Merchandise

You may have heard that promotional products are crucial for any business. However, you might have wondered what the big deal about promotional products is and why are they such a big thing for businesses these days.

With the use of promotional products businesses can reach out to a wider audience and build a clientele with ease. It’s a low cost yet effective advertising strategy and one which is used by businesses both big or small.

The following are a few interesting statistics on the use of promotional products:

  • At least six out of ten people make use of the promotional products offered to them for a year or two
  • The engagement rate of business is more than eighty percent once a person has been offered a promotional product.
  • Almost 30% of the people make use of promotional bags for everyday use
  • Users can easily recall an advertiser even two years after receiving the promotional product

These facts are enough to make anyone gauge the importance of promotional products. The general rule of thumb is to use every day things to be given as promotional products. These gifts could be anything from pens to water bottles. Items like these are appreciated by the users.

If you are wondering “why get promotional merchandise,” here the answers that would improve your advertising strategy:

A low cost yet effective marketing strategy

Not all small businesses can afford a big advertising campaign. However marketing goals become more achievable when the make use of promotional products. Most of these product are not expensive yet are one of the most budget friendly way of getting more people to know about your business.

Since these products are generally mass distributed the price for each of these products is kept to a minimal. Despite the low pricing these products have a pretty major impact on the ones who receive it. Mugs are considered a one of the most effective promotional goods.

Provides instant brand recognition

These products can help consumers identify your business and the products which the company is selling. Once they spot your logo on a specific advertisement they would instantly be able to recall your brand. This helps promote your business in a much better way.

Better exposure over a longer period of time

When someone watches an ad on television it may flash before their eyes for a minute or so. In case of promotional products these tend to get attention every time someone makes use of these. For example if someone issuing a promotional pen or a coffee mug, it’s going to stay in their mind for longer. This is one way of trying to gain exposure without striving too hard.

Helps a business gain their customers loyalty

Loyal customers consume products from a company on a regular basis. Giving away promotional gifts is a great way of gaining customer loyalty. They are motivated to buy their stuff from their favorite business.

With so many benefits it’s no wonder promotional merchandise is considered the next big thing.

How to Design Your Own T-shirt

Do you have a great T-shirt idea for your business? Are you planning a family event and want to make sure everyone wears the same shirt? You might have already thought of a design. No matter whatever the reason you have for designing your shirt, you have to make sure to keep these things in mind:

  • The first thing which you need to consider is why actually you are designing the T-shirt. What is the purpose of designing the shirt? If it’s for promotion than your aim is to present your brand in the best possible way. On the other hand if you are thinking of selling fun merchandise and make a few fast bucks then you are designing it for sale purposes.  By knowing why you are designing the shirt it would be easier for you to come up with ideas. You would know exactly the kind of message you would like to convey. Whether you should go for something edgy or conservative, fun or serious depends upon the purpose. If you have already written it down, make sure you do that to help create a better design. 
  • While you might have a few grand ideas and designs up your sleeve, the next thing which you have got to do is establish a budget. The budget would then decide that material you would be choosing and of course the design and the printing as el. Budget would also depend upon the printing method that you choose. Use of additional colors can make the cost go high plus it also depends whether you are printing just a few or looking to print in bulk. The final budget that you establish would then make you move one step further in designing your own t-shirt.
  • Get to know about the different printing method available for you. The more you know about those methods, the better t-shirt would you be able to design. There is an option for screen printing the shirt. It is one of the most affordable options if you are looking for high quality printing. However, if the designs are too colorful, things tend to get a bit more expensive.
  • Once you have figured out the budget and chosen the printing option your next step is to get started with the design process. Make sure you take the time and effort to come up with a beautiful design. Before you embark with the design make sure you know the audience for your t-shirts. If it’s a promotion of your brand make sure the design that you have gets the message across loud and clear. On the other hand for a fun merchandise you can go all out and unleash your creative genius.
  • The element of design can be improvised with the use of color. Every color has its own statement. So it’s important to choose the color wisely. Monochrome works well most of the time and especially if you are looking for minimalistic approach. Otherwise you can choose to play with any color you like.

Plan, brainstorm, design and print your own T Shirt with The T Shirt Co.

10 Ideas For Your Best Friend Birthday’s Gift This Year

Friends are family you choose yourself. Your best friend is someone you go through highs and lows with. They choose to stick with you through thick and thin and endure through everything with you. Which is why you know they are amazing human beings and deserve the best. So this year when you’re thinking of a gift for your best friend, here are 10 things you can get them that’s guaranteed to make their day and make them feel special!

Care Package

A Basket comprising of all their favorite things can be a really good idea for their birthday and is definitely guaranteed to make them smile. You can add a mug, scented candles, body and skin-care products, potpourri, coffee beans and etc.

Spa Retreat

You know your best friend works hard and is too busy to treat herself properly. Which is why it would be a good idea to treat her with a spa retreat that will help her relax and provide an opportunity for both of you to spend quality time together!

Polaroid Camera

If your best friend is into photography and is a fan of collecting photos as memorabilia then it’s a great idea to gift them a polaroid camera. It comes with the advantage of you having your own personal photographer since you’ll be the model for your best friend!

Getaway Weekend

The biggest gift you can give to someone is the gift of your time. Planning a weekend getaway with your best friend is sure to win you the friend-of-the-year award!

Picture Frames

Go down memory lane with them and compile all the amazing moments you’ve shared together throughout the years. It’s a guaranteed bonding experience!

Matching T-shirts

Have matching t-shirts printed and become squad goals for your next night out that’ll portray you as the dynamic duo that you really are! Check out t shirt printing Dandenong for creative ideas.

Bath Set

You can never go wrong with gifting your best friend a bath set for her to relax with after a long day of grinding. Imagine having a relaxing, warm bath waiting for you with a book to read and candles to accompany!

Food Basket

Have an assortment of their favorite munchies and snacks that are especially difficult to find otherwise, and treat their inner foodie!

Music Instrument

Gift them an instrument they’ve been meaning and wanting to learn but never got around to it. Give them the push they need and help them acquire another skill set!

DIY Personalized Jar of Notes

This is an easy one, make a DIY jar of notes for your friend and include all personal jokes and incidents for them to read on days when they’re down. Make them feel special on their big day and remind them why they’re so amazing!


Where does the MTB come from?

The first MTBs designed to travel on rough terrain appeared in the mid-1970s in the United States, in California. In fact, if you didn’t already know, MTB stands for Mountain Trials Bike.

Cycling is a widespread activity in the world, but some countries are real examples. The Netherlands and Denmark regularly exchange first place in the ranking of the countries that move more by bike.

It’s Italy?

Well, Italy is only at the seventeenth position … why? Simply because of a wrong image of cycling and, above all, of MTB.

Matteo, citizen and pedestrian, gives us his opinion:

“We often have the impression that cycling is too physical a task. Obviously the MTB is more fun and allows you to go further in the discoveries, but it also requires more effort and energy than a racing bike or a trekking bike “

But it is very nice to travel by bike, daily or occasionally, even on MTB!

Especially in MTB, there is always an activity suited to your needs and tastes. From family walks to sports excursions, passing through the extremely intensive Cross Country or All Mountain discipline, there is something for everyone .

Don’t you like the rules? Perfect! Unlike team sports, such as basketball, MTB in its spare time is absolutely not subject to rules (obviously with the exception of traffic rules when traveling on roads open to traffic).


Question 1 : You are riding on your path and another cyclist, faster than you, wants to overcome you. What are you doing?

Answer A : You move to the right to let it pass and (optional) greet it.

Resolve B : You prevent him from exceeding you and you throw a stick in the rear wheel if he somehow manages to pass you.

Question 2 : See another cyclist in difficulty …

Answer A : You join him to help him.

Resumption B : You ignore it and continue on your way as if nothing had happened.

Did you answer A to the two questions? Then you already know the basics of cycling.

The strict rules start when you enter the world of competition.

So, waiting: take advantage of it! MTB rhymes with freedom.


Choosing a bicycle is essential. To facilitate your first MTB releases in your free time, choose a bicycle that matches your stature and is suitable for your cycling practice.

Choose a MTB equipped with a frame suitable for your height.

Adjust the bike correctly. Many parameters are adaptable: saddle height and retraction, handlebar height, stem length … Each of these adjustments has an impact on civil practice and sensations.

For a precise calculation of these adjustments, you will find our article tips on optimizing your bike position.

Warning: a new bike works a lot in its first release! Arm yourself with a multi-tool to tighten the screws that can loosen. Check the MTB screws after the first ride and after a few walks.

Most beginners inflate MTB tires too much or too little and seldom choose those that are suitable for their practice. Here too, there are many rules and parameters of choice. You have to know that the harder the ground is and the more the tire pressure must be, moreover, the more muddy the terrain is and the more pronounced the tire blades must be.


To take full advantage of the bike rides and not be cold or feel damp, do not underestimate the importance of clothing suitable for the climatic conditions. Depending on the weather: hot or cold, wet or dry, strong or moderate wind, you must wear appropriate clothing.

The first layer is the most important. Wear a tight-fitting shirt (short or long sleeves depending on the outside temperature).

Choose breathable clothing that evacuates perspiration properly. If the temperature is low, protect the ends of the body with gloves, hat and overshoes.

When spring comes, don’t find out too quickly. Remember that some parts of the course are shaded and / or humid and feels more cold.

In the sections exposed to the wind and in the descents, cover yourself and above all after having made a climb. Raise the shirt’s zipper and put on an extra jacket or put on your gloves if you took them off during the climb.

To know the obstacles of the path and learn to face them, you need to look far, to always anticipate the trajectory. It helps you to easily deal with the traps of your routes.

A frequent mistake is to look at the front wheel … and so the stones, the holes and the roots will be noticed at the last second. In this case, it becomes virtually impossible not to fall.

At the beginning choose a trajectory without obstacles, later, when you have learned to overcome them enter them in your path.

Don’t forget the following principle: the eyes help you find the best trajectory and the shoulders guide the bike on the chosen path. In a curve, you always have to watch the exit.

You can consult this dossier regarding piloting techniques.


One of the dangers during MTB practice is getting excited about speed without properly controlling braking. For a gradual slowdown, use the two brakes with the same force.

Before a bend, press the rear brake harder than the front brake in a straight line. If you brake near a bend, the front wheel can bend. This phenomenon is amplified by the irregularities of the terrain and the fork of the bike that changes its behavior.

If necessary, press the front brake more energy.

Warning: do not brake in this way on a steep slope, you risk flying off the bike! You will experience the leap forward ahead of schedule.

Many MTB exits are needed to learn how to control the brakes. Have patience and learn to dominate your bike little by little.

Last tip: with disc brakes, braking is very powerful. Do not press too hard on the levers.

It would be a shame to end an exit by pushing the bike back. Changing an inner tube or repairing it is simple … you just need the right tools and know the technique.

You must have a tire-removal, a repair kit and a bicycle pump to remove the perforated inner tube and fix it in place.